Nominate your peers for living out the Streck values








Ljuba D

Ljuba is a hard worker she works very well with everyone . When she is not busy she will help other workers . She is a very respectable person. I am proud to work along side of a wonderful person.

Recognized by: Cecilia D
Wendy L. S

Wendy does a great job every day in assuring that the daily tasks are being done. She does an amazing job in helping out where she can.

Recognized by: Becca B
Sherry T

Sherry is the part time custodian at the Streck West building. She helps create a clean and bright environment that makes it a pleasure to work in. I believe that she goes above and beyond in the work she does> It shows respect and care for us who work there. Sherry really exemplifies the quality standard of Streck in her work.

Recognized by: Theresa T
Kasi F, Janelle H, Sue M, Susanne M

Susanne, Janelle, Kasi, and Sue have been so welcoming to me as the newbie to Customer Service. Each one of you has extended support, encouragement, and positivity throughout my first week. You epitomize and echo Streck values daily. Thank you for being the wonderful examples you are! :)

Recognized by: Dawne L
Amy L. D

Amy recently transformed a suggestion from our team into a creative idea that addressed all of our concerns. Amy is a solution-driven individual who works hard to meet her customer's expectations and delivers high-quality results. Thank you Amy for your on-going work to transform our company's intranet. I appreciate your hard work and appreciate your creativity to continue to evolve this site!

Recognized by: Deann G
Kirk B, Paul S

Paul and Kirk take a tremendous amount of pride in the work they do and it is felt by the Fill department. When something breaks and needs to be repaired so that filling operations can continue without missing a beat, Paul and Kirk make them selves availability at a moments notice. Also, during trouble shooting activities if things are not going exactly to plan, they don't give up until they are satisfied with the repair. These characteristics exemplifies taking pride and ownership in the work they do, good enough is not an option - it has to be the best that we can do.

Recognized by: Bryan F
Dave W. S


Recognized by: Kevin F
Zach F, Stacie L

Thanks Stacie and Zach for your hard work in helping keep the Zulu project going. I know that I've had short timelines when you are both already quite busy. I appreciate your fast turnaround times with quality work.

Recognized by: Scott W
Nate C, Bhishan P

Nate and Bhishan did a great job working on the Employee Management portal so it could be connected to the Birthday and Anniversary calendar on The Whoo. Their hard work and dedication to this project made it run smoothly and successfully!

Recognized by: Jen F
Deborah J

Debbie has a lot of knowledge that she is always more than willing to share. It is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Recognized by: Stephanie O
Alain M, Paul S, Eric W

Thank you to Paul, Eric and Alain! These employees put in lots of extra effort over the weekend to handle the snow removal on our campus. These individuals went above and beyond to deal with the inclement weather and harsh conditions to prepare our campus for the employee's return. Thank you for the hard work and continuous efforts throughout this season; it is appreciated, valued and noticed!

Recognized by: Deann G
Erin M

Erin and members of her team spent 2.5 , working to ensure we were able to get our Stats 4/20 reports posted for our Stats customers. The challenge having 2 different products, with report generation, 2 separate problems. Thank you, IT!

Recognized by: Julie A. P
Alexis B

Alexis is a top quality employee and provides such great value at Streck. She is a professional that I can go to with requests, questions or feedback and she always exceeds my expectations. She works hard to make sure every detail is covered and achieved. Thank you Alexis! Your hard work and positive attitude is appreciated!

Recognized by: Deann G
Diane P

Diane is always very patient and kind to customers. She is able to answer questions in an easily understandable way. She is also always willing to help co-workers find answers to their customers problems.

Recognized by: Stephanie O
Nicole Q

Nicole strives to make sure that we have the answers to questions that are customers may have. She is always giving us information that can help us help customers. This information can come in tips we can tell the customers or information we can send them. It is very helpful.

Recognized by: Stephanie O
Stacie L

Stacie brings a whole new level of creativity to our advertising. She pushes us to be playful with type and color in ways that better engage our customers. She gets people in our tradeshow booths, which can be quite the challenge. I have grown as an artist because I work with her. I'm grateful to her for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone from time to time. I think our work as a department has benefited a great deal from her talent and creativity.

Recognized by: Elizabeth J
Mojie F, Ryan P

Mojie and Ryan played an instrumental role in streamlining our autoclave process.

Recognized by: Cindy A
Zach F

Zach has researched and implemented several creative solutions to processes we have in Marketing. He is always thinking out of the box to make processes better. His creative guidance is a big part of getting Streck noticed through ads, emails and tradeshows. He is supportive and helpful to the rest of the team with their creative projects as well.

Recognized by: Laura H
Kevin F, John M, Josh M, Mike M, Dave W. S

The infrastructure team does an incredible job serving our organization. For HR and myself specifically, they are extremely helpful in ensuring we can provide services to our employees - from prepping new hires technology for their first day to assisting me with any technology issue I may be having! I appreciate everything your team does and your employee-focused mentality!

Recognized by: Katie K
Gloria G, Wanda K, Julie A. P, Linda S

Steve Mavis's Team: Julie Prodywus, Linda Salzbrenner and Gloria Guerra Anne Ortiz-Rapczyinki Team: Wanda Kennedy Recognition for being generous with their knowledge and time in helping me learn a multitude of new tasks. In particular, PVS process, Linearity report reviews. Julie Pemble

Recognized by: Julie A. P
Zach F, Elizabeth J

Zach and Elizabeth have been crucial in getting the recruitment team prepped for our career fair season! They have gone above and beyond to meet our deadlines and have worked hard to ensure the marketing pieces of recruitment are the best quality.

Recognized by: Katie K
Tina H

Tina has done so much to help me since I've begun doing orders for the flow team. She always get us the correct items and communicates clearly and frequently about any delays. She has also taken the time to show me how to navigate Syteline and identify items/associated costs to help execute orders correctly and efficiently. She always has a positive attitude and is so pleasant to work with. I definitely feel she has promoted my personal growth here at Streck and has always made me feel welcomed. Thanks Tina!

Recognized by: Brooke T
Mike C, Nicholas N

Nick and Mike do an incredible job as International Account Coordinators! Their detail to work is impeccable. So much coordination and paperwork is done to assure that the International Distributors or Customers are getting the correct documentation for customs clearance. Great work and you are greatly appreciated!

Recognized by: Candy R
Santiago D

Santiago works in Sterile Services. He always comes in every day with a great attitude, he is always so helpful, and he is a great team player.

Recognized by: Cecilia D
Zach F

After receiving a few design options from our consulting partner that didn't really meet our vision for the deliverable, Zach developed a design that was attractive, met the requirements, and consistent with Streck's overall branding. He really knocked it out of the park. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Recognized by: Amy L. D