Nominate your peers for living out the Streck values








David O

Solving a customer problem with the Auto Plus 506 unit. Customers were breaking the USB connector when plugging in their cable. Outside of a complete PCB board re-design, there was no good solution. Dave came up with a solution in-house that fixed the problem, and potentially saved several large sed-rate customers.

Recognized by: Eric H
Susanne M

When speaking with our customers, Susanne is very kind and patient. She has the most calming voice and I am so impressed with her phone skills. I'm sure that our customers love it when they she is the one that answers their call.

Recognized by: Linda F
Amy H

Amy is always willing to answer my questions. She takes the time to make sure that I understand what she is telling me. I really value this as a newer employee.

Recognized by: Stephanie O
Gloria G, Wanda K, Julie A. P, Linda S

Steve Mavis's Team: Julie Prodywus, Linda Salzbrenner and Gloria Guerra Anne Ortiz-Rapczyinki Team: Wanda Kennedy Recognition for being generous with their knowledge and time in helping me learn a multitude of new tasks. In particular, PVS process, Linearity report reviews. Julie Pemble

Recognized by: Julie A. P
Ryan K, Adam O, Veronica S, Wendy L. S

The platelets department is a great place to work thanks to the great techs who challenge each other to succeed and provide a positive working environment.

Recognized by: Becca B
Kevin F, John M, Josh M, Mike M, Dave W. S

The infrastructure team does an incredible job serving our organization. For HR and myself specifically, they are extremely helpful in ensuring we can provide services to our employees - from prepping new hires technology for their first day to assisting me with any technology issue I may be having! I appreciate everything your team does and your employee-focused mentality!

Recognized by: Katie K
Ryan K

Ryan does a great job of finding solutions to little day to day things that turn into big changes in the process.

Recognized by: Becca B
Zach F, Stacie L

Thanks Stacie and Zach for your hard work in helping keep the Zulu project going. I know that I've had short timelines when you are both already quite busy. I appreciate your fast turnaround times with quality work.

Recognized by: Scott W
Catherine H

Despite knowing Cathy Horstman for years, I have only recently had the pleasure of working with her on the electronic lab notebooks transition team. I am continually impressed on Cathy's through and well-thought out ideas; while at the same time she is still great at respectfully accepting other people's input. She combines all approaches to make them better than what any single person imagined. Cathy also takes charge to share work in the more mundane tasks. This makes teamwork with Cathy positive and enjoyable.

Recognized by: Scott W
Shea P

Shea has been with R&D for a short amount of time but already we don't know what we would do without him. He''s very thorough with his work and shows great pride in a job well done. He is self-motivated and always willing to take on and learn new skills. Thanks for being a part of our R&D team, we are so glad to have you!

Recognized by: Shannon S
Kent B

Kent showed great professionalism, knowledge and most of all patience in helping me understand the how and the why labs perform tests and the process involved. His training allowed me to start to see the connections between our products, our customers and how they relate in the real world. Thanks you sir!

Recognized by: Steve S
Stacie L

Stacie brings a whole new level of creativity to our advertising. She pushes us to be playful with type and color in ways that better engage our customers. She gets people in our tradeshow booths, which can be quite the challenge. I have grown as an artist because I work with her. I'm grateful to her for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone from time to time. I think our work as a department has benefited a great deal from her talent and creativity.

Recognized by: Elizabeth J
Erin M

Erin and members of her team spent 2.5 , working to ensure we were able to get our Stats 4/20 reports posted for our Stats customers. The challenge having 2 different products, with report generation, 2 separate problems. Thank you, IT!

Recognized by: Julie A. P
Santiago D

Santiago is always willing to do whatever needs to be done with no questions or complaints.

Recognized by: Cindy A
Kirk B, Paul S

Paul and Kirk take a tremendous amount of pride in the work they do and it is felt by the Fill department. When something breaks and needs to be repaired so that filling operations can continue without missing a beat, Paul and Kirk make them selves availability at a moments notice. Also, during trouble shooting activities if things are not going exactly to plan, they don't give up until they are satisfied with the repair. These characteristics exemplifies taking pride and ownership in the work they do, good enough is not an option - it has to be the best that we can do.

Recognized by: Bryan F
Jamie V

Jamie has gone out of her way to get our team involved in volunteer opportunities set up by Streck. She has not only encouraged us to use our VTO on more than one occasion but, has also worked diligently to plan a day and time that works for all of the flow team's members to volunteer together to build our team.

Recognized by: Brooke T
Tom F

Tom always has his customers in mind and displays outstanding service to our organization. Even when he is busy dealing with other priorities, he responds to his customers and delivers on his work. Tom displays the value of "Customers" on a daily basis! Thank you for your positive attitude and strong work ethic! It is appreciated!

Recognized by: Deann G
Laura H

Laura does an outstanding job of creating and finding meaningful information for the stories on the intranet page. Laura is skilled at understanding the different demographics in our workforce and finding information that suits those different groups of employees. She is a wonderful partner to work with on the content of the intranet. I appreciate all of her hard work and thank her for being a talented and valuable member of the Streck team.

Recognized by: Deann G
Lauren S

Lauren gives of herself to the community outside of Streck and to the community within our walls. She exemplifies this Streck VALUE and we are better as a company for having her example to follow. Lauren is great at bridging gaps between our departments and encouraging fellowship. She is also an incredible friend to have.

Recognized by: Elizabeth J
Deann G

Working with Deann is always a positive experience. She volunteers her assistance no matter how busy she may be. I'm so grateful for her end user adoption and communication planning guidance for the Office 365 project. She's a wealth of knowledge. This project wouldn't be as successful without her help!

Recognized by: Amy L. D
Nick O

Nick does a great job when it comes to making sure he is doing the process correctly every time. He also is a great go to person if there's a question on how something should be done.

Recognized by: Becca B
Sara M

Sara you are a great Leader! Never too busy to answer questions. I have learned a lot under your leadership. Thank you for your constant encouragement, guidance, and support.

Recognized by: Kasi F
Susanne M

taking difficult phone calls and working things out to keep our customers happy. She is kind in her approach to customers and within our department. She has been very helpful in re-structuring our work instructions and has approached this process in doing what is right for our department.

Recognized by: Sara M
Kasi F

Always doing what is best for our customers. She is kind and helpful in all of her communications with customers and goes the extra mile in making sure the customer is happy with the outcome. She follows all of the FedEx shipments that may be delayed or have trouble delivering and will do all she can to make sure they have a timely delivery. I appreciate all she does in representing Streck!

Recognized by: Sara M
Amanda L

I would like to recognize Amanda in Red Blood Cell (processing); she is the new supervisor there. I think she is a great person and doing a great job. She has such a bubbly personality. She did a presentation in our department and she was so professional.

Recognized by: Cecilia D